yankees shirt
faux rug painted on wood floor
man painted on closed door
movie room faux ticket booth
furry friend painted over door frame
three faux windows above couch
all faux trim, doors and scene
family cats look out of faux window
accent baseball bat and hat
powder room surprise; faux doors open to barn yard
faux window in basement
faux window in interior powder room
faux window
faux stained glass close up
stairwell ceiling has faux sky light
faux cabinet in bathroom
faux shadow box
faux shelf
faux fountain on painted cinderblock
faux brick and stone around door and faux windows
faux pantry with chicken wire
faux pantry on refrigerator door
faux pantry
all faux painting
faux wood, hanging pots and herbs
windows over tub
faux window; choose your desired scene
faux window
faux French doors open to peaceful sunset from faux balcony
faux window in interior powder room
accent in sun room
dining room faux window
faux shelf in mudroom over faux cinder blocks
faux curtains and window matched "real" window on opposite wall
interior powder room faux plant
faux window above real tile
faux head board
faux tile in powder room
window painted above kitchen cabinets to match "real" window on opposite wall
painted on restaurant wall
faux carved column
To left: real counter top. To right: faux pedestal to match
enter closet transformed into British phone booth. (3 separate photos show 3 walls)
faux stone walls and window
faux shelf over bed; matched wooden headboard