sunset landscape
school logo on canvas
popular children's movie
deer in landscape
dragon accent above bed
nice touch in a powder room
don't forget the ceiling
full bathroom mural
faux stucco walls; faux window
Red Sox stadium game
beach house bathroom mural
close up; with faux stone painted floor
8 by 10 feet
close up bonus room
bonus room became a little girl's bedroom
living room ceiling
25 foot high mural where chandelier will hang
family members
full room under water mural
ocean mural
curved accent wall in shower room
"ocean scene" over tub
close up "ocean scene"
24 panels of a continuous landscape.
faux green marble in shadow boxes
24 panels of a continuous landscape.
faux green marble in shadow boxes
tree house will be constructed
tree house close up
"Cars" movie
basement accent wall
faux window over tub
matched bedding
sky and lattice on vaulted ceiling
love parrots over bathtub
painted on previously installed backsplash
mudroom entrance to "barn" mural
"barn" kitchen; all faux painting
faux wood, pots, dried herbs and even the owl
mudroom to "barn" kitchen
ancient Greek runners in exercise room
painted on tile over stove
mudroom with faux cinderblock and faux fountain and planters
painted dresses match bedding in nursery
father (a pilot) flying with his son
interior powder room
exercise room
four seasons mudroom
four seasons mudroom
bedroom accent
curved staircase
one section of a 50 foot continuous mural
one section of a 50 foot continuous mural
family dog
bathroom world map
faux windows and sky in wave pool room
Paris in an interior powder room
cute skunk family
full bedroom beach mural
boy's favorite vehicles
girl's full bedroom mural
bedroom mural
home office; favorite destinations
interior powder room
southwestern full room mural
southwestern powder room mural
ceiling and side walls complement outdoors
8 foot by 17 foot high mural on stair case landing
old houses in Farmington, CT
old church in Farmington, CT
old houses in Farmington, CT