painted chalk board
powder room accent branches
freehand painting in dining room
sky in living room
French glaze panels and ferns; matched fabric
Budha on suede coat
kitchen wall
barrel ceiling over tub
Elvis on black velvet
painted tile; close up
Indian on back of leather jacket
dream catcher on front of leather jacket
NY Yankees mural between bedroom windows
oak leaves painted on tile over stove
painted back splash outlets
inspired by a Mackenzie-Childs sink
custom hand cut shell stamps
complemented wall paper
custom hand cut cat stencil
3D antique wax stencil backsplash over faux finish
metallic shimmer with sponged glaze for added texture
3D cinderblocks
3D texture close up
floral basket above bead board in bathroom
"real" window over tub with faux shutters, faux items above trim
faux mosaic tile; matches real tile boarder in kitchen backsplash
freehand painted ferns
4 color stencil; Htfd Golf Club ladies lounge
stripes made of floral stencil; Golf Club
special verse in kitchen above table
love birds above bathtub
chalk board paint
painted on tile over stove
hand cut stencil
hand painted on reverse of frosted glass
accent grid above bed
matched curtains
fleur de lei in a random pattern
painting on coat
two foot long wooden wall plaque
stencil over French glaze
recessed lighting above faux stained glass
tree painted on staircase wall
custom hand cut stencils on risers
star stencil using gold metallic paint
backsplash electrical outlet and cover
family dog on beach
child's play house with a tiger theme
faux cinder block accented with favorite flower
interior shutters and flower box to match bedding
sunroom accent
faux cinder block throughout bathroom
topiary in hallway
tree with birds on bathroom wall
tree, bird, shrub; gold leaf accents over faux raw silk
painting on tile
painted floor cloth to match nearby fabric
barrel ceiling
my dog on wall with freehand floral boarder
branches in urn; powder room
duck flying over tall grasses
hand cut stencil
flowers fill empty wall space
one of several silhouettes painted on salon walls
better than a valance!
hand painted accents to complement window fabric
hand painted accents to complement window fabric
painting on apron
white wash over bright yellow walls